Annual Civil War Reenactment

Neshaminy State Park Bensalem, PA

Spring 1862 Campaign in the Lower Shenandoah Valley


Saturday, April 28th: the 1st Battle of Kerntown, VA

Sunday, April 29th: the 1st Battle of Winchester, VA

Visitor's Schedule – April 29 – April 29, 2012


9:00AM - Camps and attractions open to public. Company drill in Camps


10:00AM - Dress parade (Camps); Cavalry Demonstrations at Drill Field near Sutler Area

10:30AM - Battalion drill (drill field)

11:30AM - Artillery demonstration (Union camp); Band Concert at drill field


11:45AM - Cooper Shop Refreshment Saloon Recruitment Drive (cross roads)
                   Philadelphia Reserves Fife & Drum Corps


12noon -Dinner ("roast beef') in camps cooking demonstrations


12:30PM - Mifflin Guard fife and drum corps concert - (crossroads/sutler area)


1:00PM - Civilian activities (civilian area)

Military forms for battle in respective camps


1:30 PM Battle of (reenactors only) 1st Battle of Kernstown, March 23, 1862 (reenactors' portion)


2:30 PM public portion of battle River Landing area


3:30 PM Hospital scenes in camps: at dusk, camps closed to public

8:00PM Period Dance with ‘Camptown Shakers’ in the Pavilion; bring lanterns


9:00 AM camps and attractions open to public;
10:00AM Non-Denominational period Church service by Rev. Rene Kinard (Pavilion);
Catholic Mass in the Union Camp by Rev. Frank Berna

10:00AM Cavalry demonstration at Landing area

11:00 AM Dress parade (camps); Review of Union forces (drill field)


12 noon dinner in camps (cooking demonstrations)


1:30 PM 1st Battle of Winchster, Va. May 25, 1862

2:30PM Spectators’ portion of the battle at Landing area

3:00 PM Battle ends - Honor ceremony Hospital scenes in camps

4:00 PM camps close to public. Reenactment ends. Camp Clean up in respective sites.


Voluntary contributions collected at this event by volunteers from the Delaware Valley Civil War Round Table will be used for historic battlefield preservation efforts. PLEASE be generous!

Last year, $1700 was donated to purchase a portion of the ‘Slaughter Pen’ farm at Fredericksburg battlefield which total was matched by other organizations. Over all, $10,000 was raised for local preservation efforts.

All donations go to historic preservation!

Many thanks! Neshaminy Event Committee